The Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service has now been published for over 100 years.   The site is currently being built but when complete the full archive will be available, from 1915 to present day, covering both world wars and the Falklands conflict.  Articles published since 2008 will be freely available, in full, in .pdf format.  Articles before 2008 have been scanned and will also be freely available, in full. For the time being an illustrative selection of articles are accessible.

Articles in 2017 Vol 103 - Issue 3

Editorial J E Smith159
2017 - The year of the Royal Navy. I J Kennedy160
Surgeon General’s Armed Forces Feeding Project: the vitamin D status of RN Submariners – an Executive Summary. F Gunner, M Lindsay, P H E Brown, A M Shaw, S E Downie, T Davey, S A Lanham-New, B A Griffin, J L Fallowfield162
Medical training for contingency operations – on exercise with the Commando Forward Surgical Group. S Bourn, J Howes, O Rylah, J Ritson165
The unexpected challenges for a doctor in the remote operational military environment. C S Swain171
Using simple exercise tests in the field to assess susceptibility to Acute Mountain Sickness; the Chester Step Test may be a useful predictor. H E Thornton, T Harcourt Williams175
An evaluation of the mental health of servicewomen in the perinatal period. R Guest183
Cold water survival – an evidence-based update. C House189
The management of inflammatory bowel disease in the UK Armed Forces. A Holden, R Booth, J Howes194
The management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in the UK Armed Forces. O Perigo, M Khan200
Medical and logistics aspects of the Peninsular War, 1808–1814. T Wardley, J Goacher, S Neep, S Fleet, R White, A Banks, R Dale, S Belcher, K Cooper, Z Webber, J Adamson206
Surgeons of the Royal Naval Medical Service in the First World War: producing a nominal roll. S J Eyre211
The 63rd (Royal Naval) Division Medical Unit at Passchendaele. P Starling, J V S Wickenden218
How to write a rota. R Haddon222
Obituaries  224
Service News  225