The Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service has now been published for over 100 years.   The site is currently being built but when complete the full archive will be available, from 1915 to present day, covering both world wars and the Falklands conflict.  Articles published since 2008 will be freely available, in full, in .pdf format.  Articles before 2008 have been scanned and will also be freely available, in full. For the time being an illustrative selection of articles are accessible.

Articles in 2019 Vol 105 - Issue 3

Editorial J E Smith157
Physiotherapy support to the Carrier Strike Group. T Rutter, J J Matthews158
Lessons identified in delivering an orthopaedic training course in Freetown, Sierra Leone as part of the NIHR Global Health Research Group FIXT trial. W S Bolton, A J H Howard, A C W Santos, T J Chippendale, I Bundu, D G Jayne, A M Wood161
Efficacy of pre-hospital fracture manipulation following ketamine administration: the experience of a single civilian air ambulance trust. A Follows, R H James, J Vassallo167
Popliteal cystic adventitial disease: a rare case of calf claudication in a young man. A J Collingwood, D J Ablett172
Armed Forces personnel flying with respiratory disease: am I fit to fly? P Minnis, G Stait176
Medical leadership and management for military clinicians. L Cottey, C Lillington, E Frost180
A systematic review and analysis of learning from major incidents and mass casualty events over the last five years. A Phailly, D King, M Khan185
The Institute of Naval Medicine 1969-2019: departments past and present. J V S Wickenden, G H G McMillan191
The history of the Journal and the Institute of Naval Medicine. J V S Wickenden, E Crowson196
Initial Naval Training for Medical Officers: successes and opportunities. K M Heil, A Thornback198
Care and Diligence - the professional life of James Pearse, sea surgeon, courtier and the founder of naval medicine. C P Willoughby202
“The most humane attention”: patient care and treatment at Haslar, 1753-1855. J V S Wickenden 207
Book reviews.  215
Letter to the Editor - The Tri-STAR network. R Fry, A Pang, J Humphries217
Letter to the Editor - The use of BETTS as part of the assessment of closed globe injury within the concept of prolonged field care. J Lowe218
Obituaries.  219
Service News.  224