The Journal of the Royal Naval Medical Service has now been published for over 100 years.   The site is currently being built but when complete the full archive will be available, from 1915 to present day, covering both world wars and the Falklands conflict.  Articles published since 2008 will be freely available, in full, in .pdf format.  Articles before 2008 have been scanned and will also be freely available, in full. For the time being an illustrative selection of articles are accessible.

Articles in 2018 Vol 104 - Issue 3

Editorial J E Smith157
Foreword I J Kennedy158
Operation RUMAN: Role 2 Afloat delivering Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief operations in the Caribbean. J J Matthews 159
Increasing Role 2 Afloat capability on the Bay Class platforms – lessons from Exercise AZRAQ SERPENT 2018. J J Matthews 165
A model for testing topical haemostatic dressings for peripheral extremity haemorrhage following amputation. M Welch, J Barratt, S Martin, C Wright169
The ‘Walker dip’. A J Walker173
Non-visible haematuria in a military setting. D O’Brien, K Houlberg177
The inception of the Bastion Protocol for trauma CT scanning. N J Carter, G W Kirkwood, R Miles, D A T Gay183
Presentation and management of traumatic pneumothorax in the deployed setting. J Cornell187
Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) and its relevance to military clinicians. M Winstanley, D Henning, I Gurney192
Do you want that test enough to do it yourself? Part 2. M Edmondstone196
Of men and moulds. P E Watkins197
Book reviews.  200
Obituaries.  201
Service News.  202